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I am a Washington, D.C.-based web communications professional with 10 years of experience and an M.A. in multimedia journalism from American University.

Experience includes:

  • Data visualization: Data cleaning with RegEx/GREP; creation of interactive charts, interactive timelines, and interactive maps.
  • Web communications: Content management systems, large-scale web content migration
    and redesign projects, web content production and management, HTML/CSS and SharePoint
    administration site; multimedia content production for online posting.
  • Writing and editing: Production of material such as web content, reports, newsletters and marketing material, assuring compliance with editorial standards.
  • Multimedia: Hands-on experience in video production, audio recording and editing,
    photography and data visualization.
  • Print production/desktop publishing: Managed print production using external vendors.
    Used InDesign to layout newsletters, brochures, and other marketing material.

International experience: two years in Turkmenistan, two and a half years in Paris, and work-related travel to Russia, the Philippines, and Tunisia.