Maria Felenyuk (second from right) with the Fantaziya Dance Ensemble at the Baltimore Ukrainian festival.
The Washington, D.C. metro region is home to many different immigrant groups, but one demographic that barely a makes blip is the region's Russian-speaking population, and in particular, non-Russians who spent their early years growing up in the former Soviet Union.

A Soviet re-Union in Washington, D.C.

Keith Mellnick

Keith Mellnick likes to get away. The Washington, D.C.-based freelance photographer spent the past two-and-half years traveling the world, taking pictures and blogging about far away places, such as the Togean Islands in Indonesia. "It's exactly how I imagined being on the edge of the earth," Mellnick says. "Perfect water, beautiful, no access to anything – it's not often that you actually feel like you're in your fantasies as a child."

Alone But Not Lonely: The Solo Traveler

A review of trip history by users of Washington, D.C.’s Capital Bikeshare program (CaBi) reveals that a large proportion of late-night bike rides originate from popular nightlife destinations, begging the question, do CaBi users bike drunk? The short answer? Probably. The analysis looked at over 560,000 trips based on data obtained on CaBi’s website from Apr.-Jun. 2012.  It grouped each of CaBi’s 170 bike stations into 46 neighborhoods, looking only at rides that occurred from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. The data reveal that […]

Data suggest drunk cycling among DC’s Capital Bikeshare users

Matt and Maggie's Urban Beekeeping
This is a video for my news item assignment. It was originally going to be a preview of my final project, which I thought was going to be a larger piece about urban beekeeping. The assignment was meant to be around 30 seconds, and “newsy.” To make it feel more newsy I had added narration. Frankly, it was boring. One of subjects of this piece, Matt, is very funny, so I left out the narration and let the clip run to 53 seconds […]

Urban Beekeeping with Matt and Maggie (Comm-632)

Mural at the Basilica in Washington, D.C.

I produced this short video “Staycation: Pilot Episode” for Backpack Video Journalism, a class I am taking at AU toward my graduate degree in Interactive Journalism.

I initially struggled with finding and shaping a good story, but stumbled upon a YouTube channel with this girl who makes travel videos (who shall not be named because I don’t wish to be compared to her). I like to travel, and thought it actually might be kind of fun to make a video featuring the sites in Washington, D.C.

Staycation! (A short travelogue for Comm-632)

A speaker in our class a few weeks back said that people skills are essential to being photojournalist. After this assignment I'm inclined to agree. It's not easy to approach strangers and ask for their names, and if you can take their photos and put them online.

I went to a wine tasting at Cork & Fork on 1522 14th Street NW, Washington, D.C., last night and took a few pictures. My task of taking close ups was made a lot easier by some friendly people, perhaps made even more so by the wine.

Friday Wine Tasting at Cork & Fork