Seeing in Fabric audio slideshow for portfolio

Jaime Langhoff – Seeing in Fabric (Audio Slideshow) – soundslides embed

Washington, D.C.-based artist Jamie Langhoff creates beautiful works of art using fabric appliqué.

She stitches together pieces of fabric to create artwork that – at first glance – look like paintings.

Langhoff started learning fabric appliqué in college, but wasn’t able to commit full time until she quit her job as a sous chef last January. She decided to take up fabric art again while looking for another job. Over a year later she is still doing it full time and selling her work on weekends at Eastern Market in Washington, D.C.

Langhoff sells some of her work on the Internet, but enjoys interacting with people at the market. She is passionate about her work and was happy to share her experiences as a professional artist doing something she loves.

Seeing in Fabric